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  • Max/MSP 5
  • Arduino & Sensors

Alkotune is an interactive Installation built in my first year at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Digital Art Department. It's purpose was to confront the user with their own alcohol level and was presented at a Vernissage in Lindabrunn. The Installation consists out of a fully working Karaoke machine Installed infront of the microphone, and the microphone itself.

The alcohol level of the participants breath was measured while they were singing the Karaoke song. When you had basically no alcohol in your breath the voice got randomly delayed so that the person who tried to sing couldn't get out more than a few words. Assuming you had alcohol in your breath the microphone reacted differently. It automatically autotuned your voice to the right chords of the song and let you hit every note perfectly.

This configuration was meant to represent the feeling we have while consuming alcohol like substances. The feeling of "everything we say and do is great" was brought into reality.

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